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Family BoatbuildingLooking for something worthwhile to do with your family and friends?

Why not build your own boat?

Family Boatbuilding Weekend 2008 (FBW)
Yes! Bring families and groups together with a fun, achievement-oriented project - build your own real boat in two days and start using it on the same weekend. Family Boatbuilding is an inexpensive introduction to boat building, beginning with the construction of a dinghy or canoe. Develop teamwork and friendships, enjoy quality productive time with family and friends while building – ending with your first outing on the water in your very own boat. Take it home with you!

Club Punta Fuego in cooperation with the Philippine Home Boatbuilder’s Yacht Club (PHBYC) will be holding a Family Boatbuilding Weekend on 25 -26 October 2008 at Club Punta Fuego.

Who can join?
Families or groups are invited to join the Family Boat Building Weekend: grandparents, parents and kids, boy and girl scout troops, friends and neighbors, etc. All you need to build a boat with your family or group is dedication – to the project and to each other.

What will I get out of it?
Develop a strong sense of achievement as each person contributes to the construction of a real boat. From school-age kids to grandparents, everyone can help in the building process. At the conclusion of the event, participants launch their new boats for their first adventure on the water! And of course have their own boat to take home at the end of event.

What skills do I need?
Very basic carpentry skills: if you can hammer a nail, drill a hole, drive in a screw or use a paintbrush, You can Build a Boat! PHBYC will provide pre-cut parts that you can assemble in two days time. Experienced olunteers will be present to guide you through the entire process.

What boat?

Summer Breeze, 11’ 8” foot skiff – An award winning design by David Beede, the Summerbreeze is a good all around dinghy that can be rowed, sailed or motored (with a small outboard motor). PHBYC chose this design for summer breeze skiffease of building, good carrying capacity and versatility.

  • Length: 11’ 8”
  • Beam: 4’ 2”
  • Weight: 100lbs
  • Capacity: 500lbs.



How much?
Participation fee per family or group is only Php7,500.00 inclusive of:

  • Boat Kit and materials
    • Pre-cut plywood panels
    • Necessary lumber
    • Fasteners
    • Epoxy Glue
    • Paint
  • Safety gear
    • 3 pcs. dust masks
    • 3 pcs. dust goggles
    • 3 pcs. knitted gloves
    • 1 pc. chemical respirator
  • Quality Instruction from PHBYC Volunteers

Please bring the following:

Essential tools:

  1. hammer (1 or 2 pcs. )
  2. flat head screw driver (2 pcs.)
  3. Phillips screwdriver (2 pcs.)
  4. Power or manual drill
  5. 2" paint brush (2 pcs.)

Other tools will be available during the event.

Safety gear:

  1. disposable rubber gloves
  2. Work clothing: hats or caps, sunscreen, long sleeved shirts, pants.

For the boating options, wooden oars or paddles can be made during the event, or made ahead of time by the participants, plans for oars are available here.

Hurry! Register now as there are limited slots available. Click here to download your registration and follow the instructions written on how to send it in along with your payment.

Need more info?
Email m.dayrit@clubpuntafuego.com.ph or call the Event Secretariat at 751-4025 or 751-4027

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Pictures of

Plans for
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